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 Kurokawa Sakura - Superhuman Character (approved)

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Kurokawa Sakura

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PostSubject: Kurokawa Sakura - Superhuman Character (approved)   Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:01 pm

((Sure hope I'm doing this right...and is this the first superhuman character?))

Name: Kurokawa Sakura

Age: 19

Gender: Female


Kurokawa Sakura's a generally cheerful girl, almost always having a smile on her face. She's always looking on the brighter side of things, her motto being, "The glass is more than half-empty; it's half-full". From this, she had made many friends from her high school before she had to drop out. Despite her nonchalant attitude, Sakura's extremely serious in battle, although she still might be smiling.

There is only one day of the year that Sakura is never happy: the day her legal guardian and only living family, her grandfather, died protecting her from a Hollow.

Appearance: ((Note: Picture to come later once I get around to drawing and scanning it. xD))

Sakura stands at about five-foot-one or 155 centimeters. She has waist-long, wavy black hair with vibrant red tips. Her bangs are parted on the right side to the left of her head in an unusual "swoop"ing manner. Typically, her hair is kept back with a headband in casual sense, but when she's fighting it's pulled back into a ponytail. Her somewhat slanted eyes are a peculiar red color, but everyone from her mother's side of the family seemed to have this trait. Her skin is slightly tanner than pale. She has one distinct facial mark: a small mole just under her right eye.

Her body type is naturally lithesome, as she weighs in just under 100 lbs (45 kg). She typically runs around in street clothes, which can consist anywhere from jeans and a tee-shirt to a skirt and blouse. When she knows that she's going out to fight, she wears a battle uniform consisting of an olive-green vest over a black tee-shirt (long-sleeve or short-sleeve mattering on season) and a denim mini-skirt over bloomers (what the girls in Japan wear for gym shorts in most anime series). On her feet are military-style boots laced to the top.

Sakura always wears one piece of jewelry: a silver bracelet with a solitary carnelian stone on her left wrist, which is the provider for her power. (The true source comes from her heart.)


Sakura is the last Kurokawa of her line to be alive. Her mother was a prostitute who got her act somewhat together during pregnancy, but relapsed afterwards, later dying from a horrid combination of drugs and alcohol when Sakura was six months. She has never met her father, nor does she know who he is.

Up until three years ago, she was living happily with her grandfather. He treated her with all of love that a child would receive from two parents, and even gave in to a couple of her selfish whims. However, when she did do something wrong, he would punish enough that she would learn (some scolding and mild grounding, such as no television). However, just after her sixteenth birthday and receiving her carnelian bracelet, she and her grandfather were attacked by a Hollow...


The old man landed with a loud thud as he hit the ground. "Grandfather!" Sakura shouted over at him, still lying on the ground from when the Hollow attacked her. That strange, wavering reminded her of a road during the hot summer months, when the background behind it seemed so hazy...

"Sakura..." her grandfather said, as he slowly started to get back on his feet. There was a brush burn on his face and a gash on his leg, "...whatever may happen to me is something that should never happen to you. I don't know what's happening or what's attacking us, but if I die, then you must live."

It took the teen a second to realize what he was saying. "No...Grandfather..." she said as she started to get up again as well.

"'ll be fine," he said as he started walking towards the haze-like creature. There was an obvious limp in his step.

The black-haired teen, now back on her feet, started to run over to him, trying to prevent her beloved grandfather from getting hurt. She was not fast enough. The mysterious creature slashed down again, hitting the older man and sending him flying. He came back down quickly, his head leading the rest of his body.

A sickening crack resounded in Sakura's head as she watched her grandfather's body hit the ground for the last time. A red liquid started to flow from the man's body.

Sakura could feel the tears swelling up. So many emotions began to flow through her.!

Her left hand began to feel hotter as she clenched it into a fist. She looked down quickly to see that flames had begun to form around her hand and, as she opened it, herself. She let out a panicked scream as she fell to the ground again, trying to get away. The fire, however, seemed too attached to her.

In her panic, the nearly-invisible monster began to attack again. Before it could touch the girl, the flames surrounded her like a protective barrier. From just one touch, the flames began to climb their way up the monster.

Sakura took in the sight, finally getting a good look at the monster that attacked her. In spite of the excitement, she finally began to feel the effects of the shock and started to feel herself drifting away into unconsciousness.


Sakura awoke a day and a half later at the hospital. Her condition when she entered was claimed as in serious condition with second-degree burns on her hands and legs, various injuries, and acute stress reaction. She was released a few days later, albeit reluctantly. She tried to stay in high school, but dropped out before her second year, claiming that she was "transferring". However, the friends that she stayed with knew the truth. Sakura started working at various part-time jobs and attempted to hone her powers solo at night (such as training or fighting Hollows, which she eventually became able to see clearly before turning seventeen).

After she turned nineteen, Sakura had enough money to start renting an apartment, but kept up all of her various jobs. She had finally honed her skills enough that she believed that she could call herself a "master", but refuses to use that term in case there are others like her, only stronger and more skilled.

((Anything I should fix? Let me know.))

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PostSubject: Re: Kurokawa Sakura - Superhuman Character (approved)   Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:31 pm

Yes yes it's fine.

Also yes, you are the only superhuman as of yet. Pick any spot you'd like from the top 10 ranks. If you'd like leader, inform me, otherwise any spot can be granted automatically.

Or if you'd prefer, you can be a standard superhuman.


Please register your superhuman powers ^-^
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Kurokawa Sakura

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PostSubject: Re: Kurokawa Sakura - Superhuman Character (approved)   Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:02 pm

Thank you! Very Happy

...I think I'll run around as a standard superhuman for now, and then when more join, there will definitely be more need for positions. I guess we'll see what happens.
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokawa Sakura - Superhuman Character (approved)   

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Kurokawa Sakura - Superhuman Character (approved)
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