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 Hollow Mask Template

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PostSubject: Hollow Mask Template   Sat Jan 02, 2010 7:32 pm

Name: (Name of your inner hollow)

Manifestation: (What your inner hollow looks like)

Hollow Mask Appearance: (Describe what your mask looks like or an image will do)

Unique Ability: (The name of your unique ability and its description when your mask is on. For Elite Vaizards, you can have 2 - 3 abilities)


For limit here's how it goes..

1-120 POINTS: May have mask on for two turns with a 5 turn cool down.
121-240: 3 turns, 4 turn cool down.
241-360: 4 turns, 4 turn cool down.
361-480: 5 turns, 4 turn cool down.
481-600: 6 turns, 3 turn cool down
601-720: 7 turns, 3 turn cool down.
721-840: 8 turns, 3 turn cool down.
841-960: 9 turns, 2 turn cool down.
961-1080: 10 turns, 2 turn cool down
1081-1200 and so forth :10 turns, 2 turn cooldown.

For Elite Vaizards, cool down will be cut by one turn and gain one turn for the time they have their masks on. When they past 650 points, there will be no limit to how long they can have their mask on.
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Hollow Mask Template
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