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 Plata Las estrellas

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PostSubject: Plata Las estrellas   Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:03 pm

Name:Plata Las estrellas

Release Phrase: Live on and kill all

Represent: Silver Wolf spirit


Sealed Resurrection Description:
Ignore the hairy man

The blade you see in the link is what tamaki uses mostly. He rarely goes into his ressurrecion state unless the situation demands it but other than that the only time you are actually going to see him use it is when he wants the battle to be quick or if he is having alot of fun. The blade is designed to be easily held by both hands and to cut someone clean throw their body.The holes in the blade are deisgned to grapple on to some parts of a foes sword blade or sometimes the hilt.This blade his heavy and sometimes slows the user down but tamaki can hold it with not sweat while it takes about 5 strong buff men to carry it with both hands

Released Description:

In this form tamaki whole appearence changes into what seems like a wolf but his fangs are replaced with the blades from his zanpakuto. He calls this form Plata las estrellas. We all sort of know that in spanish that means Silver star but in some other language that i would not go into details on it means Silver wolf and that is exactly what tamaki turn into.

Ultimate Ability:
Silver flare of lightning
Tamaki (in wolf form) will generate an immense amount of spiritual enrgy in his mouth that resmebles fire that is silver but really it is silver lightning. He then shoots it out in a staticy stream of lightning the quickly heads for the foe and when it does he with impale the foe physical on the outside and only somewhat on the inside because when the lightning hits the enemy it messes with the static of the brain wave pattern, like all electrucuting does, but when it does do it and it disrupts your brain wave pattern it will make your reflexes slow giving tamaki the advantage to attack you for 1-4 posts. Silver Flare of Lightning messes with the senses and reflexes. Also this skill gets a cool down period of 6 post made by the user and the opponent

The 1-4 duration period is based on this
Random number (1,4) :

Tamaki's sense's as a true wolf develope as his hearing eyesight and smell increases. he sense are very useful in battle however he can only use one of his senses when he activates this attack after that happens then hall of his other senses slight shut off and he can only stick with the one sense. This attack goes on for 7 post and 3 if the user was hit in his previous form and after the 3 or 7 posts the cool down period is 3 post made by the user.

Bullet claw
Tamaki runs and jumps over his target so he is locked on to him/her and when that happens he streactes his legs (techincally his arms but he is in wolf form during this) and he shoots his claws at the foe. When the claws are shot out they go as fast as any bullet but they can go further distances like for example they can go to about 10 miles but then instantly stop in place and return to the user. The thing is if these claws miss the target they will keep on going until the meet there limit in miles.This attack has a cooldown period of 4 if it misses and if it hits.

Lightning fang
Tamaki uses his reiatsu lightning element and focuses it in his teeth his than will bite someone and when that happens the person with get electricuted with volts of electricity cause by tamaki's fang bite.This skil has a cooldown period of 5 post if it misses or doesn't.Lightning Fang actually stuns the muscles of the foe.

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Zafaron Uriuc


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PostSubject: Re: Plata Las estrellas   Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:37 pm

Since it says I am the moderator here I will give some critiques.

My main problem is that I don't see much difference between Silver Flare of lightning at Lightning fang. Both send lightning into the body so I think you might need to elaborate more.

Perhaps Silver Flare of Lightning messes with the senses and reflexes while Lightning Fang actually stuns the muscles.

Also, I don't think we allow random number generation for ability duration. Leaves things too much up to chance. Just choose an actual number. As it is an ultimate ability it can probably last longer, maybe around 4-5 turns sounds about right.

Just let Bullet Claw's cooldown be 4 turns whether it hits or not.

Your explanation on the duration of Senses also confuses me. "3 if the user has hit in his previous form." Not sure I understand what this means. Also the cooldown should be knocked WAY down. Putting it at 3 would be fine.
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Plata Las estrellas
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