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 Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)

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PostSubject: Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)   Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:04 pm

Arrancar Application
Name: Layle
Alias/Nicknames: The Diamond Cutter
Age 600
Visual Age: 21
Zanpakutō's Name:Dios Cristalino[Meaning Crystal God]
Innate Ability:
Pele Primero-[Meaning First Skin]- Layle has the ability to control his reshi to his skin to create a skin Hierro of sorts. The Skin is weakest when used over his own body, and at his strongest when he covers a single part, like Hands and Feet. Yet, Layle takes a small sample of reashi and focuses it to his body. The Reashi is basically a cover overhis skin. So, it basically doesn't run out. The Reshi that he focuses at the beginning of the battle can be used the whole fight. Now, he can make the first skin Small and focused to block most sword attacks, but the First skin can't block bankai level attacks. Now, the Skin can be cut and destoried, which would take more reshi to create again. So, Layle usually creates the first layer then once it is destoried simplt goes on with the battle.
Status Ranked: Status(Before): Vasto Lorde/ Status(Current):Espada #6
Layle is a very unique person in life and death. He is very calm, carefree, and sometimes relaxed most of the time. He is quick to get angry and usually keeps the few freinds he has close to him. During, his human life he was very moody and unloving to everyone, and they kinda changed when he became an arrancar. He brought out some good feels, but also brought out his lazyness. He usually doesn't care about anything, unless it deals with a freind or himself. During battle, Layle is very calm-minded but he is also very aroggant too. His fighting styles range from various Martial Arts techniques to different sword styles, which he prefers Hand-to-hand combat the best thought.
Birthday: Dec. 21
Birthplace: Unknown
Natural Race: Human
~Gemstones of any kind~
~Nothing really.~
Favorite Food:
~Very Strong Superhuman Souls~
Favorite Music
~Music that makes him sleepy~
Forte in Sports:
~Any type of Fighting with his hands, Like Boxing, Kick boxings, UFC, and different types of Martial Arts.~
Special Skill:
-Photographic Memory: He can basically look at anything for a brief moment before and remember it forever.
Remains of Hollow Mask:The Mask fragments are simply a tanish colored beaded bracelet around his right wirst, and the bone covering his bottom jaw with his side cannine teeth inlarged a little
Tattoo Location: Right Shoulder
Aspect of Death Loneliness
Cero Color: Silver with a red outline
Gran Rey Cero Color: Grey with a Yellow outline.(The grey is a lot more Duler then the Silver. THe silver is seen iving off a kind of shine)
Layle is 6 foot 2 and weights 195 pounds. He has a fighters muscle built with lightly toned skin. Layle has Pure white hair and Acid Green eyes. He wears a silver necklace with a star looking pendent that has four points. He wears a nice completely white shirt that his held closed with one piece of gray silk cloth, and wears nice silk pants with no shoes or socks. He wears his Zanapkuto on his left hip. His hollow hole is located through his left pec on his chest, and his fragment of his hollow mask is located on his right wrist. The Mask Fragments are simply a tanish colored beaded bracelets around his right wrist, and his bottom jaw is ocverd in his mask as well, The Jaw fragment looks like a jaw bone. Plus,his Espada Number is tattoo'd on his Right shoulder.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 195
Blood Type: A
~Living/Death Arc~
Layle grew up in a very rich family with two brothers that were younger the him. He grew up living a rather normal life, and loved to learn. He graduated high school at the top of his class, and graudated college a year early. For his graduation present he got a bigass manison from his parents. He stayed jobless for a very short time, but soon enough he bought his own shop that he would sell gemstones taht were cut by him. He began a very famous diamond and gemstone cutter all around the world. Also, he was said to have the best diamond and gemstone deals in the world, but one night he was robbed. The robber shot and killed Layle that very nigvht. Layle was chained to that veryu spot until he became a hollow.

~Hollow Arc~
Layle began to devour a alarming number of living souls and Hollow souls. He killed whoever he say in the human world along with recruit shinigami, but he was never killed. Soon, he transformed into a Gillan class Hollow, and his hunger grew to unbelievable highest ashe devoured more gillan classed hollow without a thought in the world as to why he wanted to or why he couldn't stop. Yet, He progressed into an Adjuchas-class hollow with unbelievable powers. He kept withhis normal life style eating otehr hollows that were stronger or at the same level he was, which he would do this for a number of years before completeing his transformion.

~Vasto Lorde/Arrancar/Espada Arc~
Soon enought after years of eatting Hollows of gillan and Adjuchas class he finally progressed to the highest level of hollow, The Vasto Lorde. Yet, he traveled all around HM with a thrist for knowledge now. He did a number of different tests on hollows, but finally ripped off his mask completing the prgoression to arrancar. He gained a number of things, but one of those things he that he looked almost completely human. Once, he ripped off his mask he was found by a Espada and asked to join.

~Present Arc~
Layle has finally returned after years of searching and devouring more Hollows, mostly Adjuchas and a couple Vasto lordes(that he could find). Now, he walked towards the great las noches withhis head held high as he goes to seek strong freinds along with greater ranks.
Fighting Style: Layle likes to fight with Hand-to-hand comabt or Sword-to-sword, but the matter of fighting doesn't rellly matter.
Rp Sample
Word Count: 1,600

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Tsuyoshi Yoshio


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PostSubject: Re: Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)   Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:58 am

Hmm what happened with the Vizard Leader?
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Zafaron Uriuc


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PostSubject: Re: Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)   Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:46 am

Kuro came back and Layle didn't want to have to fight all 3 other Vizards to get the top spot. And he also said he wanted to finish this character.
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PostSubject: Re: Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)   Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:52 am

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PostSubject: Re: Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)   Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:36 am

approved. good job
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PostSubject: Re: Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)   

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Layle; The Sixth Espada (approved by Zafaron)
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