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 Captain's Quarters/Office

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Kaiser Namakame

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PostSubject: Captain's Quarters/Office   Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:52 pm

Kaiser, captain of the 9th division and head of counter-intelligence, was sitting in the middle of his office, his eyes closed and his pale body still. His office itself was designed much like a zen garden, with the desk pushed into a dark corner of the room. A small cot was laid against the wall on the other side. He had just finished taking care of the business for the day, which hadn't been much since his services hadn't been required for a few days. Undoubtedly, however, Kaiser's meditation would be interrupted by someone requiring his assistance, namely a member of 12th Division. He took very small breaths, Mayu on the ground near him. He would wait for the interruption, not with anger or joy, but with a calm indifference.

Kaiser then opened his eyes, remembering that someone had been promoted to Captain of the 13th Division. Incidentally, for someone in charge of handling sensitive information, he had neglected to learn the person's name. Kaiser got up, picking up Mayu as he did, stretching to get rid of the stiffness in his body. He decided to meet this new Captain. It was only polite.

(Not sure how to link topics, but Kaiser will currently be going to the 13th Division Party topic.)
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Captain's Quarters/Office
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