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 Lousy Subordinates! (Part 4)

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Zafaron Uriuc


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PostSubject: Lousy Subordinates! (Part 4)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:01 pm

Zafaron made his way across the seiretei. A few people called out to him but he explained that he was currently working. They immediately stopped trying to get his attention and let him do what he needed to. It was usually considered to be the safer path when it came to with the Captain of 11th. It was well known that he did not like anything to decrease his efficiency even a little bit and people had been hurt in the past when they had tried it.

Zafaron actually liked the reputation. Sure, it made him seem rather mean and intimidating, but it was effective in situations like this. It also meant that a lot of stupid ideas never made it to his door for fear or being thrown out a window... onto some very sharp rocks. And hell, he was the captain of the offensive squad. Being seen as intimidating was not a problem in the least. Hell, it was helpful more than anything else. Made it so enemies new who they were dealing with and were more likely to give up. Which made less paperwork for him.

He made his way to the solemn and quiet halls of the first company barracks. A lot of people were working on various things and he saw a lot of runners coming in and out from the other divisions. He walked up to one of the shinigamis standing near the doors to the sotaicho's office.

"I have a request to speak to the sotaicho about a plan I have to help improve the rookies of my division. It would need his approval due to the steps involved. If the sotaicho is not busy, I would appreciate if I can speak now. Captain Roga will also be joining me shortly." The shinigami nodded and entered the office. Now Zafaron just had to wait until he was called in.

(BTW Pendragon, did you get my PM?)
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Lousy Subordinates! (Part 4)
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