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 Lousy Subordinates (Part 6) Danger in Menos Forest! A New Enemy Reveals Itself! (Part 6)

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Ranryou Roga


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PostSubject: Lousy Subordinates (Part 6) Danger in Menos Forest! A New Enemy Reveals Itself! (Part 6)   Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:28 pm

((Subplot continues))

As the power levels within the forest increased Ranryou felt them. Three different hollow from before. There spiritual pressure crushing that of a Gillian class. They were much stronger. And a lot more dangerous. This was what Roga had feared. So when one began to attack his rookies Ranryou didn't think. His body moving on his own as he came into contact with the hollow's electricity based attack. Holding his left hand out Ranryou stopped the attack cold. Allowing it to enter his body yet compressing it, and condensing it. Channeling it, and redirecting it. Allowing a safe transfer without getting his organs fired. Then redirecting it into his zanpakuto, and out. Mizuchi now having tasted a sample of the hollows power. He could study it, and work around it. It was powerful but reversed. It wasn't core a Captain class oppnent. But it's energy was far stronge then most hollow. Not to mention it looked to be human. With a few features resembling a hollow. But that still didn't mean he would let his guard down.

"Can you speak hollow?"

Ranryou stood up straight, with his Zanpakuto in hand. His eyes focused on the enemy. Not lowering his guard for anything. If he could give them as much time as possible thien things could turn around for them. As long as they remained in this closed off area they were surrounded. With these three hollow being this strong Ranryou was sure the small fry would attack the rookies. If it came to that Ranryou would have to let Mizuchi have his fun.
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Lousy Subordinates (Part 6) Danger in Menos Forest! A New Enemy Reveals Itself! (Part 6)
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