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 Shou the Reaper >:o

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PostSubject: Shou the Reaper >:o   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:52 pm

Name: Ikusashi Shougen

Age: 241

Visual Age: Around 23

Gender: Male

Division: 5th

Rank: Lieutenant (I think there’s none o.o)

Personality: Shougen usually appears to be a friendly person towards his fellow soul reapers and friends, but is actually rather lonely. He demonstrates to be able to stay calm when the situation gets tense, allowing him to take decisions with ease even when cornered in a tight spot. While in battle, he shows no apparent sort of emotions making him look like a cold-blooded person (result of the hardships of his childhood…). This trait derives in the form of being someone who doesn’t get taunted easily by the opponent, but doesn’t like to waste time taunting either. He has a great sense of loyalty and respect to both his duties as a soul reaper and to his companions. He prefers to not show his true potential unless he needs to which results in being underestimated quite often.

Appearance: He is a rather normally tall man, well defined and with light skin. He has a really, really dark blue hair and dark grey eyes. His hair... well I think this image best describes it except, of course, for the colour:

History/Background: While a human, he lived a happy life in a small house in North Karakura. His family was humble. Not too wealthy and not too poor. His father was a regular office man in a big company and his mother was the owner of a small flower shop. His father used to practice kendo as a hobby, which awakened a great interest in him for it too. He was born with an above-the-average level of spiritual energy when compared to other humans. This was actually the trigger of his downfall, as hollows and other spirits would tend to chase him. He had survived three encounters with hollows, and could feel how his spiritual energy grew a bit after each one. The fourth time, however, he wasn’t so lucky. Two hollows attacked his home at the same time, and after killing his parents before his eyes gave him a fatal strike. While his breath and heart where fading away, he managed to see how a small team of soul reapers came to his aid (late, though…). After a couple of hours, he woke up in the emergency room of the 4th division and with no memory of the living world. After having a short talk with the nurse, a tall man in a black kimono entered the room and asked the nurse to leave. He introduced himself as the soul reaper who saved his life and explained to him everything he needed to know about the world of the souls. He then asked him to become part of his noble family and gave him a formal invitation to attend the Soul Reaper Academy. It was unknown to him why this man had demonstrated such gratitude to a foreign soul like himself. He took both offers and then, his story began.
After five years of hard work, he graduated from the soul reaper academy and was assigned to the 2nd division because of his stealthy style of fighting and his skills for quick eliminations. Day by day he would polish his skills to the point of becoming an expert assassin. He became excellent in hand-to-hand and zanjutsu as well as the use of Flash Step. Despite this, he felt he had a long way to go before actually thinking of himself as ''strong''.

Even though he trained hard, he never received any signs of communication with his zanpakuto. His father told him that his personality made it hard to show his true feelings and maybe that also made it hard for his zanpakuto to show its true feelings. He recommended Shougen should leave the 2nd division. After some thought, he decided to join the 5th division and try to change his way of thinking a bit. He released his zanpakuto shortly after joining the 5th division, which showed the results of how his sense of friendship started to grow... He feels that joining the 5th division is actually helping him become less of a lone wolf and ease up a little. He still, however, shows some of that lonely attitude nowadays.

I am, as of now, still polishing some details on my zanpakuto, but I'll post it as soon as I finish. Let me know if I should work on something and if you liked it : P

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Tsuyoshi Yoshio


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PostSubject: Re: Shou the Reaper >:o   Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:10 am

Welcome to da forumz,man!Unfortunely you will have to wait for a while till Zafaron log in.
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PostSubject: Re: Shou the Reaper >:o   Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:39 pm

Alright, I have one main issue. You can't just invite someone into a noble family. It does not work that way. Now inviting him to join the Soul Reaper Academy is fine, but I just cannot approve of him just taking a foreign soul into a noble family. The soul reaper himself might have been fine with that but the rest of the family would block it for sure.

Yes lieutenant is open, but Captain position is also open currently. If you would like to have the captain position I need you to expand on his personality (maybe talk about how he is as a leader or something like that) and also on his backstory. At least another decent sized paragraph on each.
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PostSubject: Re: Shou the Reaper >:o   

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Shou the Reaper >:o
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