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 Kagirinai Ankoku (Naraga Zenos)

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Naraga Zenos


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PostSubject: Kagirinai Ankoku (Naraga Zenos)   Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:09 am

Name: Kagirinai Ankoku

Manifestation: It is the shadow of a robed man in a hood.

Release Phrase: Show them fear, Kagirinai Ankoku!

Family: Shadow/Dark

Level: Bankai? (not sure if I'm Elite yet)

Sealed Zanpaktou: A hidden wristblade on the left arm that extends from the top of the wrist.

Shikai: The Shikai form is two wristgautlets containing 2 blades each that extend from the bottom and top of the wrist. All of them extend further on chains as well.

Shikai Ability: Kagirinai Ankoku has the ability to cause an enemy to see thier darkest fears and the things that would cause insanity.

Bankai: The Bankai is 2 large, spiked, black swords with a dark aura surrounding them. The swords are around 4 ft. 7 in. (not sure if I'm a Elite)

Bankai Ability: The Bankai creates a dark area where the only thing the victim can see is the things they fear the most until they are insane, dead (cardiac arrest), or endure the event.
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Kagirinai Ankoku (Naraga Zenos)
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