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 Gotensai Captain of Kido Corps

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PostSubject: Gotensai Captain of Kido Corps   Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:29 am

Name: Ajinzo Gotensai

Age: 137

Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male

Division 5th Division.

Rank: 3Captain of Kido Corps and 5th Division

Personality: Gotensai love to Rock'N'Roll He watches KISS from Soul Society and attack his Kido from his Eletric Guitar. He also like Classic song and his kind of talkative.

Appearance: His has Nice Blue hair his 187 Cm Tall He kinda Muscular and has nice Silver Eyes.

History/Background: Gotensai was a Talented Musician he was smart but talkative he had a nice future has a Guitarist. He had a good Future. He pass college in Julliard with Honors but during his graduation day a bunch of Menos attack his university killed alot of people. Gotensai broke his arms and leg and he could have died if Tessai Tsukabishi didnt save him. He was in debt to him and decide to be a Shigami. Gotensai has learned Alot of Kido from Tessai. His Fighting styles his paling a Guitar while Hado burst out from the Guitar like Bazooka. He now serve the Gotei 13 as Captain of Kido Corps/ 5th Division.

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Gotensai Captain of Kido Corps
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