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 pendragon kirihito (approved)

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PostSubject: pendragon kirihito (approved)   Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:51 pm

name=: pendragon Kirihito

=age=: 97

=visual age=: 25

=gender=: male

=race=: shinigami

=devision=: 1st division (sotaicho)

=background=: being a strong and gifted soul on earth he was always different from the other kids, obsessed with magic and the tales of japanese warriors able to wield and master the arts of magic as unstoppable weapons. Training tirelessly and reading book upon book about magic Pedragon wished deperately to be able to just once, use a spell. One day, trying harder than ever to unlock his hidden magic, he was approached by 3 local drunks who insulted him, told that magic was not real and he was a joke. Pendragon got mad and chased after them however his foot got caught on a poorly constructed roof tile and he fell to his death at the age of 12. Wandering the earth for days he started to morn his parents and became bitter, a shinigami was passing the boy just as he was away to turn into a hollow and stopped it then and there, sending pendragon to the soul society. born in the rukongai, raised by only his father (a traveling show magician), as his mother went missing one day when he was very young-around the time his town was swarmed by a travelling bounto clan- he very much blames his mothers dissapearance on the bounto and hates anyone who belongs to that race, vowing he will one day be strong enough to track down and avenge his mothers death.

The same shinigami that sent him to soul society was by chance strolling through the rukongai one day when he sensed an overwhelmingly immense release of reitsu come from a house nearby. Only to find a small boy standing on burnt charred remains of what looked like a house. He instantly took the child to his division first aid room and made sure he was unhurt before hearing the boys story- the boy had been reading one of his dads magic books and attempted one of the 'advanced tricks' as it was called in the book, this turned out to be shot of red fire and the boy performed it so well it burnt the house down. Asking the boy to show it to him they went to the 10th division training hall and got out the target. The boy focused again and repeated what he had done before, destroying every last shred of the target and burning the floor around it- the shinigami was stunned by the natural talent and instantly explained to him about the seireitei and the 13 divisions, but in great lengths he told the boy about the kidou corps and the boy was enthralled by this division and vowed when he grew up he would be a part of that division. Well he eventually grew up to lead that divison, but here is the story of how.

Pendragon spent 5 years training and studying at the school, thinking he had already mastered magic he decided it also important to become brilliant with the sword, so spent the majority of the 5 years becoming skilled in swordplay, excelling to the top of his class in sword skills after the 5 years. Rumours started to spread that he was captain material but nothing seemed to come of that for a while. Applying for and getting accepted to the kidou corps the captain at the time took an instant shining to him and noticed his incredible natural talent with kidou. becoming close friends the captain told him that he would spend the next three years training him to become his replacement. Three years of intense kidou training and pendragon was soul trembelingly powerful and skillful with kidou, impressing the captain on a daily basis he quickly flew up the ranks to vice and was told two things- train hard and achieve bankai and you will learn your last lesson from me, and also that once he had achieved bankai he wished pendragon to fight him as he believed he no longer deserved the title of kidou chief and he wanted to see if he was correct-that he as captain was no longer the most skilled user of kidou in soul society.

So pendragon achieved bankai and learned the last lesson- the lesson of the forbidden kidou.

They battled, for what seemed like days on end, tirelessly they faught, both pumping out high level kidou after high level kidou and neither even feeling a strain on their reitsu, however the old mans feelings were correct and he began to tire while pendragon still faught on like he was fresh, eventually being beaten by the shining warrior pendragon, the old captain handed over his title and pendragon ruled as captain to everyone's approval and consent, happy to have such a skilled and wise leader they follow him faithfully and to the death.

Some many years later pendragon was called by the centeral 46 to replace the aging sotaicho who was no longer fit for service. Finally pendragon's true potential had been recognised.. but this was only the beggining...

=personality=: very unstoppable when motivated to reach a goal but without proper motivation is worse than useless. clever, inovative and very good at thinking on his feet he can get himself out of a slippery situation surprisingly well.
passionate about life he loves and values the seireitei and everything it stands for, happily giving his life to defend it to the ground pendragon truely loves the soul society. Not caring about race or history, pendragon does not hate anyone before meeting them, instead judging them on there morals, reasons for living and personality- you cannot choose what you are born as, but you can choose how you spend that life.

rather prefering to use kidou to his zanpaktou, he will begrudgingly draw it if he must. Prefering to have a group of fantastic, close friends who are kindred spirits to himself than a massive bundle of intermediate friends pendragon values and cares for those friends more than he does for himself. If you are on pendragons friend list you are protected and looked after for life.

=fighting=: deciding to specialise in kidou instead of hand to hand combat, pendragon has master KIDOU techniques as his weapons. obviously still skilled in swordplay, it is not his speciality and he dislikes having to use his sword, attempting to win a battle without drawing it is his favourite passtime.

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PostSubject: Re: pendragon kirihito (approved)   Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:55 pm

approved ^^
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pendragon kirihito (approved)
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