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 Lanaya (approved)

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PostSubject: Lanaya (approved)   Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:41 pm

Name: Lanaya


Release Phrase: Meld

Family: Psi

Level: Bankai

Sealed: A middle length katana, with a black handle. Worn in a black sheath behind the wielder's back


Shikai Ability: Lanaya's basic shikai ability allows the wielder to store psi energy in the blades, and manipulate it by folding various planes of space existance and using them to his advantage

Bankai: The blades dissapear releasing a large amount of psi energy around Shikimou, that condenses around his body (Kind of like Shunko)

Bankai Ability: Shikimou is able to create large amounts of psi energy, and manipulate it to attack or defend. Bankai also amplifies the power of his Shikai skills and reduces the cooldowns of shadow meld and shadow strike to 1 turn

Shadow Meld: Shikimou folds the space around him, to conceal him when standing. He is visible when im moving, since Shikimou has to move the space around him, so it creates a shift in the air (Shikai and Bankai) 3 turns cooldown

Shadow Strike: Shikimou folds the space inbetween him and the opponent, to instantly move towards them giving a chance to strike. After a few moments, the space extends again, placing Shikimou in his original spot (Shikai and Bankai) 3 turns cooldown

Refraction: Manipulating psionic energy around himself granting a mystical refractionof light that protects him from external harm. The refraction can completily block one single attack, not depending on its power. (for example if you shoot 2 balas, it will block the first bala but not the second one). (Shikai and bankai) Can stay on for 2 turns, 3 turns cooldown
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PostSubject: Re: Lanaya (approved)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:35 am

all fine


welcome. fight well (:
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Lanaya (approved)
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