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 Profile of Tetsuo Sakamoto(approved)

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Tetsuo Sakamoto


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PostSubject: Profile of Tetsuo Sakamoto(approved)   Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:34 pm

Name: Tetsuo Sakamoto

Age: Approximately 143

Visual Age: 30

Gender: Male

Division: 7th Division

Personality: Tetsuo is very easygoing most of the time. Even when lower in rank, he treats all Shinigami as equals, aside from the Captain-Commander of course. However, under the most stressful situations, Tetsuo has a rather short temper that can easily be set off when he's questioned. Nonetheless, on his down time, Tetsuo is a pleasant person to be around.
Tetsuo doesn't go out of his way to pick fights, but he is very diligent in his training for whenever combat is necessary. Tetsuo's code of morals leads him to fight primarily to defend those who cannot defend themselves, be it denizens of the Soul Society, or other shinigami ranked below him struggling to fight off an opponent.

Appearance: Tetsuo is very lean in stature, but not particularly tall, somewhere around 5'9". His black hair is kept at a modest length, reaching just below his ear lobes. A single strand of hair often hangs in front of his face, much to his annoyance. While his hair usually covers it, Tetsuo's left ear has a small notch missing from it, which embarrasses him somewhat. Tetsuo lacks facial hair, and has relatively subtle facial features. His eyes are blue in color. As for his garb, Tetsuo wears a standard Captain's uniform.

History/Background: Tetsuo lived a fairly normal life in the Soul Society for most of his childhood. Living with his mother, his father had been inducted into the Seireitei as the Lieutenant of the 3rd division, and was therefore not there to raise him. However, at about the age of 15, Tetsuo's district was assaulted by a troupe of hollows. The hollows were somehow undetected until they began their attack, and as such the Seireitei's response was delayed. The powerless residents of his district managed to use their meager resources to defend themselves and hold back the hollows, but a lone straggling hollow was able to blindside Tetsuo. The hollow claimed to "like the smell of his soul," and aimed to consume it. However, after taking his sweet time reaching the town, his father was able to save Tetsuo's life, but the hollow that assaulted him managed to flee the scene before he was slain. Unbeknownst to Tetsuo, his father never returned to the Seireitei for reasons undetermined. Tetsuo had a strange feeling of dread that the Hollow would manage to find its way back to him, so he enlisted in the Shinigami Academy to learn to defend himself. However, as he began his training, his peers noticed that he was naturally skilled with the blade and kido, traits he appeared to inherit from his father. In short time, he managed to soar the the top of his class, and graduated from the academy in near record time. His proficiency in the use of Kido caught the attention of the Captain of the 1st division, who put in a good word for him. Anticlimactically, the hollow that attacked him as a child never attacked him again, but Tetsuo took the lessons he learned to heart, and vowed to protect others so that no one would end up in the same position he was in as a child. Years of rigorous training eventually lead him to reach enlightenment, and his Zanpakuto's Bankai.

(OOC: Though I aim for a captain position, I can alter my information if you do not believe I fit the rank. I am very open to compromise, though a Captain seat is preferable.)
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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Tetsuo Sakamoto(approved)   Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:20 am

this is very much approved and you are welcomed as the captain of the 7th division.

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Profile of Tetsuo Sakamoto(approved)
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