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 Position Battle Basics

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PostSubject: Position Battle Basics   Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:06 pm

Basic rules ladies and gents, please read them before posting to fight here:

If you are well informed in those, also be aware of the basic practice fight rules, found here:

Okay here are the differences and alternate rules:

1) Similarly, the concept that your role play is not affected here is true. However, if you are defeated, or defeat another, your position in a group will rise, fall or change. This will affect your roleplay.
2) You can only challenge someone if your similar group. Arrancar challenge espada, shimigami can challenge vice captains, vice captains challenge captains, and so forth. An arrancar cannot battle it out for a captain position.
3) You cannot challenge everyone, nor anyone you merely please. You can only challenge someone one level above you. This applies for the top 10 of every group. If you are not in the top 10, then you challenge the 10th. Anyone not in the group may challenge the 10th place person.
4) A person may only be challenged ONCE A WEEK. If someone has already challenged the person in the 10th espada spot, and lost, no one may challenge for another week. This is to give our members some peace and quiet (and to make it so that spot 10 isn't a pain Wink )
5) Please confirm a battle with admins ahead of time, as so it may be supervised. please do this through instant message or chatbox. Do not merely expect us to "pop in and watch" or the fight may not be applicable.
6) A person has to reply to a challenge once organized. If they do not accept within a 3 day period, they shall forfeit, and the victor shall be the one remaining. If you must leave for some strange reason, and cannot have a challenge at that time, please inform us ahead of time to assure no incidents occur.
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Position Battle Basics
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