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 Arashi Risa (approved)

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Arashi Risa


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PostSubject: Arashi Risa (approved)   Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:55 pm

Name: Arashi, Risa

Age: 386

Visual Age: early 30s


Division: 13th

Personality: She’s rash and smart mouthed, not afraid to tell anyone what she thinks. This hides her intelligence and this has lead to more than one joke at her expense among her peers. She is also loyal to a fault. Being snappish and contrary is a part of her nature, and while she follows orders, often this is accompanied with grumbling on her part. As a leader, she is short with her subordinates and takes nothing from anyone, and is unafraid to change or modify tactics to fit a situation. While not devious, she is innately curious about everything and everyone to the point of being rude. All this is not to say that she cannot be tactful or dance around another person’s emotions in order to save them grief.

Risa is a great friend, often one to set the rumor mill aright or scare the shit out of the bastard harassing someone she cares about. Her sense of humor is dark, but wicked fast and to the point

Appearance: While Risa does not think herself the most attractive shinigami, she is decent in appearance. She is toned from the amount of time she spends training, but not overly muscled. Unfortunately, no amount of sunlight will ever see her with a tan, leaving her close to the sickly side of pale. She affectionately calls her hair the rat’s nest, seeing as it is a tangle of dark purple/black curls that falls to her waist. To avoid having others mess with it, and for their safety (she’s had to cut people’s hands out of her hair before because they couldn't resist touching it) she generally puts it up in a folded French braid that hides her hair’s length. Her eyes are a shocking shade of gold, reminding one of either a reptile or bird of prey.

Her uniform is worn with a sense of propriety and pride, her armband proclaiming her rank worn prominently. Her only vanity is the obi, a dark rick purple with gold scrolling along the edges. The obi itself is tied Anesan style with two tiny sleigh bells on the end of the gold string used to keep it in place. Her Zanpakutō is worn upside-down across her back giving her a low draw at the right hip (pommel and hilt of the sword at her right hip, the tip of the blade over her left shoulder). In place of a cord to hold it in place she uses a thick silver chain.

She has not spent a large amount of time in the human world, though with this becoming a necessity, she has acquired a few articles of human clothes. Foremost in these are a series of skirted business suits and sensible heels.

History/Background: Risa came to in the Seireitei in her current state of appearance being that she was one of the plus souls sent there by shinigami. Glad that she had finally moved on, even if it was not exactly the way she had been taught (she was the daughter of Spanish immigrants who moved to the Caribbean during the 1500's and as such very Catholic), she immediately began to study in order to pass the entrance exam for the Academy. She fondest wish was to one day help a soul like herself.

Her time in the Academy was plagued with hardship seeing as both kidou and fighting didn't come naturally to her. She refused to follow the advice of her teachers and quit, instead spending all of her extra time in the training grounds and in the library. While there she proved that a sharp mind can win a battle more often than a blade or magic, surprising her teachers with her seeming sudden understanding of complex strategies. Eventually, she became proficient enough to graduate the academy and her strong will and desire to save other plus souls caught the attention of the captain of the 13th division.

Despite her contrary nature she rose quickly to a seated position among her fellows. She is currently unable to perform Bankai. She, however, feels that she is on the verge of it, seeing as she can speak with her zanpakuto.

((OoC: I'm aiming for Fukutaicho, but will take any seated position. ^^ Or not. Let me know if I need to improve anything!))
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PostSubject: Re: Arashi Risa (approved)   Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:58 pm

approved and welcome. register your zanpaktou and the position's yours
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Arashi Risa (approved)
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