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 Rules for gaining custom cero

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PostSubject: Rules for gaining custom cero   Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:18 pm

Rules for gaining cero are as follows:

1)Only espada may have custom ceros
2) Each espada is allowed 1 custom cero
3) To have your custom cero, please first post in this topic, with a title in this format:

[Name of your character] - custom cero.

4) then inside, place the following format:

ceroname: (name of your cero)
Description/Effect: (desribe it and what it does)
Duration: (How long it lasts, instant, longer time, etc)
Cooldown: (the time it needs to recharge)

5) Custom made ceros are powerful abilities, but please do not make them godmode.

6) To have your custom cero, wait for an admin to revise it, then accept the idea. you can then train for it. Training required for custom cero is approximately 1 & 1/2 to 3 pages, depending on the cero.

7) once you finish please inform the admins, and it shall be checked and confirmed.

Cool please note: training for custom cero does not affect your character based on storyline and you can post in both kido training and roleplaying at the same time. However, once you acquire a cero your character will have it and it shall affect your character in the storyline.

THE PRIMERA MAY BEGIN TO TRAIN FOR IT INSTANTLY. Everyone else requires 200 posts to begin training
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Rules for gaining custom cero
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