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 Inside the office

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Arashi Risa


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PostSubject: Inside the office   Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:00 pm

Risa stared at the report in front of her with the utmost hatred. She knew exactly what that kid would be getting on his birthday-a grade schooler's how to write book. His penmanship was bad enough to put the healers in the Fourth Division to shame. To make matters worse, this was a vital report on Hollow movements within the mortal realm. There was no way it was getting off her desk and onto that of her superior. No way in Hell. She dripped her calligraphy brush in the pot of read ink that sat on her desk (completely ignoring the fact that the pot was twice as large as the one of black ink. She couldn't help it if her subordinates had so much trouble filing reports).

Satisfied with the note on just how the other could improve his report, she stuck it in the return to sender pile and picked up the next report. The sooner she got through all these reports, the sooner she could talk to Raihebi about her Bankai. She could feel a storm coming in her bones and knew the extra power would be needed.
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Inside the office
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