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 Tsuyoshi Yoshio (approved)

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Tsuyoshi Yoshio


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PostSubject: Tsuyoshi Yoshio (approved)   Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:39 am

Name:Tsuyoshi Yoshio

Age: Uknown

Visual Age: in his early 30s



A man of a few words,those who know him regard him as an aloof person,who barely communicates with other members of his division.He also is humble as he appears to take no pride when accomplishing missions.His lack of insignificance doesn't define him as diffident though,as he has shown to be quite confident in the battlefield.He is quite intelligence as he is able to see through peoples's deceptions through their facial expressions.Although he is idle,he appears to be quite sensitive sometimes as he was willing to help people in difficult situations.

Appearance: Tsuyoshi has curly, shoulder-length brown hair, tied with a black ponytail.He has unusually green eyes noted by all members which show some kind of ambition.Although he is in his early thirties,he appears quite tall and thin almost reaching 6'2" feet.He wears standard shinigami clothes.

Dying from his early thirties due to a disease,he was sent and promised,peace in Soul Society.As he ascended there,he found himself at 75 in East Rukongai a misty area but also violent and criminal infested area.Apart from all these difficulties,he established a home there and tried peacefully.One day he found himself two people knocking his home's door a woman and little boy.They two were seeking a home and a peaceful life.Although he acted cold at first and slammed the door at their faces,Tsuyoshi later regretted it and apologised for his behaviour.He shared with them his home and with that a bond of love started to form which within the next 2 years became stronger.
But,suddenly as he went back to his home,he found them two lying on a lake of blood.Tsuyoshi run quickly towards them but they had been already dead,before he arrived.In his grief,Tsuyoshi clenched their hands and a tears fel from his eyes,as he recalled the memories they had been together.From that day he promised to become stronger in order to protect those he loved.
For that he decided to join the academy,his inability to not control the reiatsu sent to his kidou spells,he passed after 2 years of intense training and determination.Allas,he succeeded with good grades and joined Seiretei.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsuyoshi Yoshio (approved)   Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:12 am

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Tsuyoshi Yoshio (approved)
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