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 A warm welcome

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Tsuyoshi Yoshio


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PostSubject: A warm welcome   Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:08 pm

Tsuyoshi felt an uneasiness in his shoulders,how couldn't he though?Today its his first day as the Captain.Even though he was prepared about it,he didn't thought it to be so difficult.He was walking towards the 3rd Division's Quarters and he thought"Many people will be there....I hope my introduction speech will make them accept me as their captain."
He stopped moving and rose his head,"3rd Division"he stared the sign"And so it begins"He walked towards the training hall,until he found himself in front of a closed door.He slowly pushed to the right and gazed the central room.
Shinigamis were crouching on a green floor,gazing their new captain with curiousity,suspicion or uneasiness.Tsuyoshi took a paper from his pocket and unfolded it.

"Hello there,fellow comrades,I am honoured by your presence here"He stopped reading and smiled at them."From today,I will be your new captain and I will make this clear to you,I will get stronger in order to protect my squad...its an oath...of blood."He drew his katana and attempted to cut his left hand.The shinigamis quickly stood up,shouting "Taichou!",but the quickly sat down,as Tsuyoshi put it back to his sheath.

He continued reading"This was just a joke, Ha Ha Ha Ha"
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A warm welcome
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