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 Tejinashi !(denied)!

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PostSubject: Tejinashi !(denied)!   Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:11 pm

Name: Tejinashi (conjurer, juggler, magician)

Manifestation:A child,with no human features,wearing a black hooded robe.

Release Phrase:Laugh,Tejinashi



Sealed Zanpaktou:His shikai stays in release

Shikai:A pair of white gloves with black seems

Shikai Ability: This zanpaktou is able to open rifts in the dimension and is able to send objects to the other side.With that, the wielder is able to send his arms,head,legs,chest, and full body...through one rift and out another rift's opening. -Cooldown 1 turn post

Also This zanpaktou is able shoot out an Purple, Black orb, this orb fires from Vestors Palm. When Vestor closes his hand into a fist, the orb then implodes into its self causing a short sucksion effect. Then when Vestor opens his fist, the orb explodes. Looks like this in the video(note it says its a static energy ball, that doesn't mean this technique is electricity.)-2 turn post cooldown