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 Ikazuchi (approved)

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Toshikuni Ando

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PostSubject: Ikazuchi (approved)   Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:54 pm

Name: Ikazuchi
Manifestation: Ikazuchi takes the form of a golden yellow sheep with wool that is colored black with various shades of grey. The wool constantly shifts, similar to a storm cloud.
Release Command: Crash from the sky, Ikazuchi!
Family: Lightning
Level: Shikai
Sealed: Slightly shorter than an average katana, at 13". It's hilt is a dark brown color. Toshikuni wears it on his waist, though sometimes, when he's stressed, he carries it in his left hand.

Released: Ikazuchi's blade grows to 16" and the blade bends at various angles, causing the blade to resemble a bolt of lightning.
Ability: Ikazuchi can generate electricity by absorbing electrons from the air. The rate of this absorbent as well as the strength of it's attacks are depended on the current environment. The more moist it is, the faster and more powerful the attacks are. The dryer it is, the less powerful Ikazuchi is.

Techniques:1:Lightning burst: Ikazuchi releases a burst of electricity from the tip of it's blade. Can also be used in a slash like attack, but the range isn't as far as the focused blast from the time. Usage: 1 turn, Cooldown: 3 turns minimum.

Second technique: Blitz: Ikazuchi engulfs itself with electricity, amplifing it's attack strength. Usage: 2 turns, Cooldown: 5 turns minimum.

Third technique: Lightning wall. Ikazuchi creates a wall of electricity in front of Toshikuni, blocking or reducing all frontal attacks. However, this technique DOES NOT block attacks from the side or from behind. Usage: 1 turn, Cooldown: 4 turns minimum.
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PostSubject: Re: Ikazuchi (approved)   Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:36 pm


Hello and Welcome~! Smile
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Ikazuchi (approved)
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