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 Havon (approved)

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Zafaron Uriuc


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PostSubject: Havon (approved)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:36 am

Name: Havon

Manifestation: Havon's manifestation is a blond haired and red eyed angel. Two wings have burst out of his back covered in feathers. However as he stands the feathers continually grow beautiful, decay, crumble into dust, and then re-form. Instead of feet, each leg ends in a large hourglass making him seem taller then he actually is. At his side are two blades in the shape of clock hands.

Release Phrase: Let Time Shatter, Havon!

Family: Time

Level: Bankai

Sealed: A silver longsword with four blue lines that are etched vertically down the blade from the hilt to the tip. The hilt is grey but has four tassels. One tassel is red, one is yellow, one is purple, and the last is black.

Shikai: The neutral form of Havon is a disk about the size of a hubcap with the image of a clock on the front side.

Dawn: A four foot long spear with a red triangle shaped head. It has all the tassels except for the red one
Noon: A yellow longsword similar to the sealed form except without the blue lines or the yellow tassel.
Dusk: A simple purple battle axe with a metallic handle and is missing the purple tassel.
Midnight: A large, black spiked mace and is missing the black tassel.

Shikai ability: Havon's basic ability (thought it is considered a technique) is to shape shift from one weapon form to another. Due to Zafaron's knowledge of battle strategies and weapon techniques he can always use the proper weapon for the situation he finds himself in. He can also use the disk form as a shield (though not a very effective one due to its size) or to get rid of any negative effect another person's ability has placed upon any of the weapon forms.

Bankai: The weapons each change slightly with the longsword changing into a claymore, the spiked mace becoming a rotating flanged mace, the spear changing into a seven foot long pike, and the battle axe changing into a bardiche. The disk form also increases in size to a that of a round shield.
However, when fully activated the four weapons attach themselves to the edge of the disk and begin to rotate in a clockwise direction. Zafaron is able to control the speed of their rotation at will.

Bankai Ability: While in Bankai form Zafaron can summon more than one weapon at a time, up to three. He can also summon all four around the disk form as explained above. However, he always needs to have one of the weapons in his hand to be able to reset and shift which weapons he is using.

Weapon Shift: Changes whichever weapon he is using to another weapon or to the disk form. 1 Turn is necessary to begin the shifting process and the weapon needs to be active for 1 Turn before he can shift again. (So he can't shift twice in a row.)

Time's Blockade: While in disk form, Havon can create a barrier around Zafaron that can absorb large amounts of damage. While this is occurring the clock image glows blue and the hands move. When they reach their starting position again the shield ends. 3 Turns of protection, 5 Turns for cooldown.

Time's Rush: When all four weapons are active in Bankai form Zafaron can increase his speed and senses to twice their normal speed. 4 Turns activated, 7 Turns cooldown.

Other Techniques: Zafaron believes that there are other time manipulation techniques he can use with his bankai but has not yet been able to master them as he only recently achieved it. (So when my points are high enough I will think of other techniques.)

(I will probably make an album with pictures of all the weapon forms sometime this week in case there are some that are unfamiliar to people.
And if there is any confusion then let me know and I will see if I can explain it better.)

Last edited by Zafaron Uriuc on Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:34 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : wanted to tweak some stuff)
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PostSubject: Re: Havon (approved)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:27 am

It seems perfectly fair.


Hello and welcome~! Smile
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Havon (approved)
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