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 Das Leiden

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PostSubject: Das Leiden   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:51 pm

Doll Names:
Das Leiden (Suffering)

A Ring, on his right hand middle finger. The rings are a
black-smoky metallic looking color, seeming neither like iron, nor like silver.
Despite their coloring they seem smooth and new, just simply strange in ting.

Release:Let them suffer, Das Leiden”

The rings easily slide from the fingers, where the throws
them in the air momentarily. There they grow and bend. Das Leiden becomes a
large, gothic flameberge, with a detailed black hilt and a long blade.

It seems to hum and pulse, more so when it makes contact and
draws blood. It also seems to magnetize itself towards those who are wounded,
and/or about to die.

Das Leiden lives off the power of blood, and the death of others. Every time an enemy loses 5% of their health,
Adalfrid gains a 50% boost in strength, speed, evasion, durability and
attack speed. This maximum limit is set at 500% (each). This boost in power
lasts the duration of the battle, irrelevant if Adalfrid uses his fusion or not.

Hass (“Pain and suffering lead to hatred… it is the workings of this world…”)

Description: Adalfried becomes the
embodiment of his beliefs. His sword and him gain unison. His body coats in
think armour, dark and brooding, not at all like chivalrous knights of old

He and his weapon becomes like minded, killing machines in
every form, in a close attempt at perfection and devotion. His movements are
quick, his strikes fierce. His own mind pulses with the hunger of his blade,
making his strikes on the weak so much harder, tearing through flesh and bone
like a rhino charging full force at its prey.

(Adalfrid in his form of Hass)

Effect: The damage Adalfrid deals to a target is based on how much health he has stolen
from the target. Enemies receive an increased of 50% damage for every 5% health
that Adalfrid has/had stolen from them during the battle. This has a maximum of
950% bonus damage per 1 target (though it is usually less). Adalfried’s
movement speed, attack speed, and endurance are also raised in this form by 200%.


3 marks of death (“let suffering and hate drive you onwards to death”)
State: Release
An enemy is marked for death by Adalfrid. Any time that enemy uses a technique or
ability, 5% of their health is drained from the caster, and passed to Adalfrid.
When the marker reaches zero, the effected user becomes unable to use
techniques for 3 posts (does not include passive abilities, releases, ultimate
forms, and so forth. Directly used techniques do apply). The application of
this technique cannot be blocked or evaded. Only one opponent can be marked for
death at a time.
To mark an opponent, the user must merely indicate who he wants to be bound to the
ability. Das Leiden, also known as “suffering” absorbs and temporarily moulds
Adalfrid’s reatsu, sending it out across the field and repressing that of the chosen target, marking them for death.
The affected has a series of tattoos, thorn like black vines
in appearance, that spread out across the body and limbs. The tattoos originate
at the heart and move out from there. When a marker is removed the vines
physically move on the skin, retracting closer to the heart. Those who have
survived have stated that the sensation of the retracting tattoos felt like
“knives running across your body”. Ultimately the tattoo recedes to the heart,
where it seems to suffocate the reatsu of the enemy, making them unable to use
techniques for a considerate period of time.
Duration: “marks” last until count reaches zero, or until 5 posts are over. The inability to use
techniques lasts for 3 posts
Cooldown: This ability has a 6 post cooldown, initiated the post a target is marked.

Strike of death (“Pain augments suffering. Suffering augments deathnow die…”)
State: Release
The strike of death is initiated with Das Leiden, the death-sword weapon used by Adalfrid.
Charging it with energy, he aims to strike at his enemy, releasing a pulse of
energy up to 15 feet ahead, in a direct straight line.
The attack passes through the enemy, draining 5% of their
health, and healing Adalfrid for that 5%. Also if the enemy is effected by mark
of death, all existing marks are removed.
Although this makes the enemy unable to use techniques, the
lifestealing does not stack. In other words, he will not heal 20%, 15%, or 10%,
regarding the marks on the enemy.
He is merely healed 5%, and the enemy’s inability to cast
techniques is active.
Das Leiden, also known as “pain” lives of the suffering of others. Using its own
power amplified by the user’s reatsu, the weapon reacts with the marks of
death, allowing them to move ahead of their pre-emptive period, as they would
when an ability is used. This removes these supposed “marks of pain”,
increasing the rate at which the enemy’s soul is drained.
Cooldown: 6 post cooldown.

Sanctuary of pain
State: Fusion
The battle-field becomes a sanctuary, a living testament to the suffering that the
bountos had to endure. Each turn that the ability is active, all enemies in the
battle automatically lose 5% of their maximum health and reatsu that turn. All people in the battlefield cannot use
techniues (this includes both Adalfrid, his allies and his enemies). This is a
massive field effect, and thus cannot be adverted or blocked. Adalfrid also regenerates
10% of his health each post.
Adalfrid releases his own spiritual pressure, and binds it with his intense
hunger for souls. The reatsu physically manifests into the environment. The
battle-field slowly begins to wilt and decay. The grass and leaves crack and
wither, losing their color and eventually turning to a dark stifling black,
carried off by the wind.
At first the feeling is almost un-noticed. The air grows
slightly chilled. Soon it grows difficult to breath. The chest begins to hurt.
The pain grows and eventually becomes a throbbing pain. Dizziness and weakness
soon ensues. It soon feels as if their very soul is being torn out through
their throat in a suffocating pain.
Duration: Entire battle duration after point of activation, or when Adalfrid exits the battle, or choose to cancel it.
Cooldown: 15 posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Das Leiden   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:52 pm

what a slap in the face, approved
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Das Leiden
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