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 Espada Aspects of Death

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Tsuyoshi Yoshio


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PostSubject: Espada Aspects of Death   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:34 am

Primero, 1st: Loneliness

Segunda, 2nd: Old Age

Tercero, 3rd: Sacrifice

Cuarta, 4th: Nihilism

Quinto, 5th: Despair

Sexta, 6th: Destruction

Septima, 7th: Intoxication

Octava, 8th: Madness

Noveno, 9th: Greed

D├ęcimo, 10th: Rage

Requesting Sticky if possible
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Payaso Real


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PostSubject: Re: Espada Aspects of Death   Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:15 pm

I like the idea, but I think the aspects should be switched around to fit our espadas.

For instance, Payaso doesn't like having underlings, but he can't stand being all by himself. So maybe he'd have
loneliness as his aspect of death.

Or maybe madness, since he is a bit kooky and perhaps even a bit insane.
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Fache Regale


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PostSubject: Re: Espada Aspects of Death   Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:30 am

Exactly. I agree with Payaso. It seems silly to be forced to be the decimo, no matter how strong you are and such.

Also, I think there should be more then just these aspects. If I'm allowed, I would like to post the descriptons of the aspects myself, because I've got some good idea's. That way, if an espada is number four, they can pick from a large range of aspects that would fit their character. Things like chance, and fate, and rapture. Aspects of death, yet not included.
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Payaso Real


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PostSubject: Re: Espada Aspects of Death   Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:36 am

I have to agree with Fache. We should be able to choose our own aspects of death (with approval from Taios and/or admins, of course).
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Tsuyoshi Yoshio


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PostSubject: Re: Espada Aspects of Death   Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:50 am

Well have it your way,but please keep your aspects based on your background or personality...for example I can't have the Madness while I am sane Razz
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Fache Regale


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PostSubject: Re: Espada Aspects of Death   Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:38 pm

You can die by yourself, or because no one can be with you.

It truly hurts the soul to want to be weak, to be part of the flock. Loneliness becomes a manisfestation by seperating your soul into 2 beings, even if its seems your with someone, beacause they are you, it matters not. When back as one, you can make moves that use parts of your souls. This aspect gives you the ability to seperate your soul before resurreccion, and during it for attacks.

This truly is an empty path..

"Save them now! do it quickly, there is no time!"

To sacrifce oneself for another is truly a noble way to die, but is it foolish? You never know if the person you saved will live their life to the fullist, respecting your dying wish. Nonethless you will protect those around you, and who you are close to. Others may not ever understand your reasons, maybe you don't either.

Bonds however cannot be thrown away so easily.

"What is this, This pathetic thing called a heart? You cannot see it, feel it, but its still there."

Such a foolish thought to think, that peoples excuse to keep living and do what they want is because of their 'Heart'. Those that have walked this path, know about the logic of life, they will always try and persue the reason behind emotions, never fully understanding them. Cool and calculating, their power is most feared, for they will fight to kill.

Why need a heart when you have power?

"HA get ready to die, you worthless piece of shit! You think your stronger? Don't make me laugh, you will die, ALL OF YOU."

Despair, a truly disgusting way to die. You don't care about others, all it is you care about is surviving, killing anyone no matter what state of health they are in. The weak are the weak, the strong will fall to me. Your only hate is those who look down upon you, their yes galring into you like they know you soul.

Like I care about your worthless crap

"Lets get rid of it, destroy it, annihalte it, i want to watch it die, watch everything waste away in a show of death!"

You enjoy eradicateing things on a massvie scale. Your power represents this, you love to fire off something small, just to hear the wonderfull sound of things collapse, screams echoing out amongst the wreckage. No matter where you have been, you always leave a trial or carnage.

Like you can keep up with me...

"Come now, embrace your fate... you cannot win."

Reflective of your ability to gain control of the opponent, which results in indulging in the false belief that nothing is superior to your power. This is how you think and what is true, you aren't one known for combat, more the quiet snake, that attacks its prey unexpectdly, sinking your fangs into their body, your venom controlling all those around you.

I am all that there is, I am your God.

P"erfect, absolutely perfect, now I can rip your flesh from your skin and create something out of it"

Reflective of your psychotic personality and fighting style, which involves throwing the opponent into a sense of "madness". You love to play with things, to enjoy the screaming of helpless bodies as you torture them for your own personal curiosity. Nothing could ever understand what runs through your mind.

"Please wait whilst i remove your soul"

"I want it all, everything is mine! Submit to me and i shall make it quick!"

Reflective of both your ability to consume other hollow's powers and greedy personality. Your ability is once you have absorbed something you can use part of its power, but it will always be weaer then the original. Everything is yours, it has always been, but now its time for you to show that it is. You can become one with everything, rule it all. Something that will not give themselves up to you in sacrifice annoys you, people who think they own something are wrong. To obtain this aspect your bio and rp skills must be very very good!

"Don't be foolish, give it to me NOW"

"What did you say?! Your dead! don't think for one moment I won't KILL YOU!"

Reflective of your headstrong nature and inability to control anger. If someone says one wrong thing you go beserk, nothing matters until that person is dead. Your strength and power is unbelivable, its grows stronger everyday, but your temper shortens. With this you can become one of the strongest, provided no one pisses you off along the way.

Get a load of this

"Be quiet, everything should fall into nothingness."

Everything is too loud, nothing should even make a sound. You may be in a quiet area, but you know that elsewhere, people, animals, machines are making too much noise for you to bear. You have the ability to stop any reiastu based move, with your sound, neutarlising it. However you have a pet hate, of those who forcefully seal their power or 'turn the volume down'.

Its over, my Bass will eradicate you

"Mmhmmhehhhahaha! Can you feel it? The pain? isnt it orgasmic?!"

You enjoy bringing pain to others. The thought of hearing someone scream, their faces contorted with fear and pain, just gives you an elated high. But what if you saw it happen before your eyes? That is something you long for, you never kill quickly, you like to take your time as you watch the enemy suffer, whilst you enjoy the show!

Just a bit longer, scream louder!

"Everything has already been decided, do not try to think otherwise."

You fully belive that everything happens due to fate, if you lose or if you win. It was all decided long ago, and you are just fufulling your role in the grand desgin. You dislike those, who think they can change their destiny, or those who belive it is all up in the air and can anything can happen. You do not get a long well with the Aspect of Chance

Must you struggle so? What am I saying, you were meant to struggle..

"So what do you think is going to happen eh? Place your bets!"

You are always lively and never worry about what is going to happen. For you know very well that anything can, and this reflects on not just your fighting style but also your ability. When you use resurreccion, it could become something that benefits you for the fight, or it could be a massive hindrance. To have this Aspect your bio and rp skill must be very very good!

Here she comes, there she goes, lets see what my sword holds for us today?!

"Huh?....oh....sorry....I'll do a bit..."

You are the physical manefestation of lazyness, in the way you act, move, fight and even speak is slow and lazy. In battle you really do take your time, and usually cause your enemy to get annoyed at your lack of commitment. This also reflects on your ability to slow things down, how you adminster this power is up to you.

Must...I?....Oh.. alright...(Yawn)

"You look delicious, why don't you pop into my mouth so i can have a taste."

Your obssesed with eating, something has got to be in your mouth at all times. If not then you go into a frenzy till you can eat. Your stomach is bottomless, and you have a personal goal to feel full at least once in yoru life. This also reflects on yoru ability to 'eat' a reiatsu based move then regurgitate it out at twice the power it was sent at you.

This is soo good, give me more, I beg of you I want more food!

"Come here darling, I want you, allow me to awaken your primal desire..."

You are the master/mistress of eroticism, you truly know how to get somone to become putty in your hands. You can be violent, soft, whatever your prey desires, always wanting more and more, you will never give up until you have that high given by an orgasm.

Hehehe, just a bit harder baby, im almost there.

"Do you know who I am? I am the greatest there ever was!"

Your self confidence and arrogance shows no limit. No one can boast as much as you, or have the impression that everyone adores you. Even if your like this, you have honour as without honour, there is no pride, so you do not fight dirty.

Come now, I await the sound of your corpse hitting the floor due to my brilliance

"Is something the matter? Are you scared? Do you want to cry?"

Fear, one of the most powerful and primal instincts. Without we would not be able to function as a normal person. However you who holds this aspects, relish in seeing peopels faces full and contorted in fear, So you try and find out what that fear is, then you use yoru ability, your resurreccion changes into that persons fear. But be warned you may be tricked! To obtain this Aspect your bio and rp skill must be very good!

HAAAA.. come on out i know your wishing you were dead, I CAN SMELL YOUR PISS!

"Oh don't you worry, there is nothing wrong, I won't harm you."

Deception, and ugly word with an even more ugly meaning. You enjoy tricking people into situations, twisting and bending the truth to your will so everyone plays a part in your theatre. The reflects on your ability to create illusions and lie to anyone straight in the face. To obtain this Aspect your bio and rp Skill must be god!

I'm sorry, I lied, hence why this blade is in your back..

"Your gonna pay for that, MARK MY WORDS YA HEAR!?"

The moment someone does something that irratates or angers you, you have to go and have yoru revenge. You have a short temper, and will explode to fight your hardest from the get go. You don't care for the reason why your getting your revenge, you just care that it is actually carried out.

Yea, thought you could get away with it, didn't ya, you little shit

"Look at you, having so much, why can't I have that? WHY!?"

You always want what other people have, but knowing you can't it angers you. Even if it wouldn't work, fit, or live with you, if somone else has it, you hate them for it. So seeing shinigami with their numerous zanpaktou abilites really does piss you off.

Do you enjoy flaunting your 'wealth'?

Current aspects:











::request aspects when renewed and stickied::
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Aspects of Death   

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Espada Aspects of Death
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